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Event Production Services - Event Labor Staffing

An important part of the event production process is putting together a team that will bring your event to life, but finding and booking a team takes time and money. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective choice that saves you both of these. 

Advantages with On Call AV Labor Services:  

Lets Book your Event Crew!   Jeff@oncallav.com 

A1 & A2 Audio Engineers

Breakout Room Technicians

Camera Operator 

Carpenter & Set Hands 

Computer/Network Tech 

Forklift & High-Lift Operators

Graphics & Power Point Operators

L1, L2 and Lighting Designer 

LED Wall Specialist 

Master Electrician 


Set/Strike AV Technicians


Truck Loader

V1 & V2 Video Engineer

Professionals Technicians & Set up crew.

Our mission: Is to provide trained, and effective, technicians and set/strike up crew. Our techs and set/ strike crew are highly skilled and passionate about their careers. 

Event Labor - Terms & Conditions

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